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Getting Your Child(#MiniTrailTraveler) Ready For The Trails

Posted on January 25, 2014 at 5:30 PM

You want to get your 'mini' out hiking the trail but aren't sure where to start?

Here's a brief check-list and how we keep our kids(#MiniTrailTraveler) equipped on the trails.

I like to keep my kids' packs light and limited. By limited, I don't mean helpless...

*Each Child Is Responsible For Preparing and Packing Their Own Backpack(Preschool age)(Mom secretly does a quick once-over)

*Each Child Carries A Minimum Of Food & Water(Preschool Age)( A backpack makes this easy)

*A Child Under Age 7 Carries A Basic But Essential First Aid Kit(Mostly bandages and wash wipes)

*A Child 7 & Older Carries A Full Travel Size First Aid Kit(Minus the Ibuprofen)

(Gloves, Badages, Bite Cream, Antiseptic Cream, Chapstick, Sunblock,Wash WIpes)




*Emergency Blanket

*Flashlight or Headlamp

*Paper and Writing Tool(Some kids like pens. Some like crayons.)(A good ol' pencil works best. Mommy or Daddy can always sharpen that with their knife)


Having each child actively participating and practicing to pack for each and every adventure you will display the importance of responsible and proper preparation habits.

We recite each item and its purpose as we stuff our backpacks. Before you know it. The kids will be giving you reminders.

Make sure to review each item's quality and discuss each item's purpose before you begin your adventure.

Discuss your emergency plans for each destination.(Lost, Hurt or Separated)

Did we forget anything? What are your top must have items in your kids' day pack? Leave us a comment.

Every adult needs to lead by example and we have our complete list of Basic Essentials.


Disclosure: As with any outdoor activity you need to plan properly and adhere to all National, State and City ordinances. We only offer an insight to our own experiences and do not take any responsibility for you or any persons accompanying you on this or any outdoor recreation activities listed on this website or any other Mountain Matron Social Outlets.

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