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Goal Zero® Nomad 7 Solar Panel- Product Spotlight

Posted on May 29, 2014 at 8:25 PM

Goal Zero® Nomad™ 7 Solar Panel- Product Spotlight

The Goal Zero® Nomad™ 7 Solar Panel was my first choice in solar power because of the lightweight design and pricing. The Goal Zero® Nomad™ 7 Solar Panel is the smallest solar panel Goal Zero® offers and for me the lightweight design was important. Weighing less than a pound the Goal Zero® Nomad™ 7 Solar Panel will recharge your handheld USB/12V devices directly from the sun. With the multiple charging ports you can coordinate and connect different devices with a single solar panel. Goal Zero® includes an additional connector cord and will quickly turn your solar panel in to a power source like your car charger. From the tri-fold panels to the power junction box with connecting ports Goal Zero® really thought of everything yet kept it incredibly simple.

The Goal Zero® Nomad™ 7 Solar Panel’s instruction, use and function simply come down to open, connect, secure and go. In just a few moments you can have your device connected, charging and surging power long after the sun goes down. I intentionally wanted to keep my phone, GPS and multiple camera sources charged while backpacking through Arizona. I’m a frequent photo taker on the trails and needed to keep my smaller devices charged with power for more than just a few hours. I also demand to keep my phone powered for an emergency situation. The Goal Zero® Nomad™ 7 Solar Panel easily does all this and quite a bit more.

While the Goal Zero® Nomad™ 7 Solar Panel weighs less than one full pound it packs a mighty punch. My first set of consecutive testing days for this solar panel were during my camping trip near the Grand Canyon National Park. For several days I wanted to keep my Samsung Phone, GoPro® mountable camera and iPhone powered. I also wanted to use my Nike Plus Sport Watch while on this trip to track, pace and log each trail I traveled.



My Goal Zero® Nomad™ 7 Solar Panel performed beautifully and kept every battery-operated device I carried charged and ready to use. My Nike Plus Sport Watch stayed ready and waiting with my Goal Zero® Nomad™ 7 Solar Panel powering its every use. In fact when I connected the watch directly to the solar panel with a near completely dead battery it powered to a fully charged battery and only took the Nomad™ 7 a quick 30-minutes while sitting on the dashboard of the car during the drive to the National Park from my nearby campsite.

My GoPro® and Cell phones received the same powerful charging privilege and made it quite easy to keep my visit to the Grand Canyon beautifully documented and quickly navigated the entire weekend. I pair some reliable carabiners to the included loops along the Goal Zero® Nomad™ 7 Solar Panel to add additional mounting options for recharging while on the move and endless positioning power to receive the best charge each and every time. During my extended field-test review I did use the Goal Zero® Nomad™ 7 to recharge my Switch 8 Recharger during a cloudy day. The Nomad™ 7  worked well and seamlessly as long as the panels were positioned towards the sun.


Goal Zero® also offers power packs to pair up with your solar panel for an unbeatable power source while trekking the rugged terrain of any backcountry adventure. I have paired my Goal Zero® Nomad™ 7 Solar Panel with the Goal Zero® Switch 8 Recharger for on-the-go pocket size power anywhere. Check out the extensive list of reliable Goal Zero® products providing you optional sizing in solar panels and excellent choices in rechargeable power packs to allow you to live the #SolarLife you choose.


It’s important to note I only have the use and interest in powering small devices and the Nomad 7™ works well. If you want to power larger devices you will want to research and consider a larger Goal Zero® Solar Panel at GoalZero.Com


Goal Zero® Nomad™ 7 can be purchased at GoalZero.Com- Retail Value $79.99


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