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TETON Sports Canyon2100 - Product Spotlight

Posted on July 1, 2014 at 11:35 AM

TETON Sports Canyon2100- Product Spotlight

I needed this pack based on the capacity but chose it because of the inclusive amenities and most of all, the price. This pack is generally on sale for less than $100 through Amazon.Com and will include options the leading brands with the same capacity will not offer. If they do, it will be with a shameless price increase.

This pack is built with strong and durable fabric for the rugged outdoor terrain. The padded shoulder straps and slender frame keep this pack as an excellent option for the ladies. The straps will adjust for close and comfortable carrying on those long treks. The two inclusive points you will not find with most other backpacks is the TETON Sports Canyon2100 includes and 20L dry sack and detached rain fly to protect your gear through the streams, creeks, waterfalls and down-pours. When your gear does get submerged you have 3 drain holes at the bottom of this pack to quickly allow the water to empty. Another great feature is the separate zippered sleeping bag compartment at the bottom of the bag. If you have a 10L sleeping bag (TETON Sports has the TrailHead +20F) to fit in the zippered section that’s fantastic but if you don’t have a 10L sleeping bag and aren’t budgeted for it now the zipper will unzip to make the backpack one large sack for all your current gear. At the time of this Product Spotlight I do not own a 10L sleeping bag and I will use the bottom zippered compartment for my ENO Hammock system. This backpack is ready to carry a hydration reservoir and has a built-in pouch to secure and protect as well as a Velcro hanging strap for proper anchoring. You will have an appropriately positioned hole for your tube and spout to stay close and convenient while carrying your pack. The one thing I found to be very cool after enjoying the build, design and manufacturing of this pack is that it will additionally fall under most regulated dimensions for carry-on flight luggage. What a huge bonus for frequent airline travelers.

This pack following its namesake can be used as an entry-level canyoneering backpack. At this time I have yet to take the plunge by rope but- it is reservoir ready with the extra benefit of your drain holes and dry sack as well as the fantastic and inclusive rain fly. With the slender build it makes you feel as though you’re carrying a daypack along with possessing adjustable straps and side release clips you can collapse this pack to condense or can expand the straps to enlarge it to your own specific and ever changing seasonal needs. Created with durable material and incredible flexibility you have a pack ready to rappel when you are.


* Price $129.99 (Full Retail) Amazon.Com an authorized dealer for- $67.60

* 2100 cubic inches – 35L capacity

* 4 lbs 

* 3 Drain Holes

* Zippered sleeping bag compartment can unzip to create one large open sack

* Included a dry bag

* Included a rain fly in the hood

* Slender build works for women

* Adjustable padded shoulder straps will hold the pack close for comfortable carrying

* Fits under many standard dimensions for carry-on flight baggage

* Adjustable Chest Strap- keeps the pack weight off your shoulders

* Adjustable hip belt straps for secure and supported carrying

* Zippered Hood Compartment for easy access to smaller items

* Hydration reservoir pouch (reservoir NOT included) and proper spout positioning

* (2) large mesh side pouches

Thank you TETON Sports for allowing me to receive this pack for field-test purposes, customer review and our Product Spotlight publication.

Editor's Note:

"I am a proud owner of the TETON Sports Summit 1500 for all my day trip adventures and here you can see how it trumps my previous daypack. TETON Sports is located in Utah, USA and are eager to provide quality gear with impressive pricing. Never leaving out the detail and always considering the needs of their buyers. TETON Sports truly goes above and beyond for their customers and are ready to help you answer any questions at any time. Next to ultimate pricing and reliable gear you have the triple threat."  

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