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Ausangate Socks- Product Spotlight

Posted on July 9, 2014 at 12:20 AM

Ausangate Socks- Product Spotlight


Ausangate Socks made with Alpacor® yarn.


If you’re still solely using cotton blend socks chances are your feet are genuinely unhappy and you’re probably completely unaware of it. I’ve been a wanna-be athlete my entire life- played sports as a kid, had some fun with organized events as an adult and enjoy taking on the trails any day of the week but never had I realized that the socks on my feet would make such an influential difference. Until two summers ago I found myself on the trails tackling several miles with soaking-wet, blistered and primarily uncomfortable feet. Every veteran hiker can probably relate unless they were inherently lucky enough to find good socks before the blisters protruded. I sadly had not.


Fortunately for you I can let you in on the silent and feet-soaking secret of cotton and save those tootsies with some strongly stitched and perfectly patented socks that will make a sizeable difference in your daily life.

Ausangate Socks are the Florida based company comprised of a stitch-sanctioned sock handed down by mother nature herself and pull out all the stops to keep their patented alpacor® blend a foot ahead of the rest. I have several styles and colors we have placed under rigorous and rugged field-test application for the purposes of gauging and thoroughly challenging the performance and durability of this Brand’s product(s).


Within my team we have 12-pair of Ausangate Socks and of those 12, my teen son owns three pair. He silently sneaks in the laundry room hunting for them when they have not been returned to his drawers. Never forgetting to pack them for any of his camping or backpacking trips. In 13-years this kid has never cared about his socks not once requesting complaining or announcing any concern but since his introduction to Ausangate Socks he too has a new standard of comfort and soaks in the unprecedented level of softness while the rest of us enjoy the powerful promise of keeping that ever so terrible teenage-boy stink out of the house and car. Especially after 4.5 hours of pure hustle on and off the fields, trails, boards and courts.

My preteen daughter officially snagged my previously reviewed no-peek socks last winter. She took all three pair and refuses to return them. 

By now you may be wondering just what is Alpacor® yarn and how will it make any difference for my feet. Below you will read a quoted section of the Ausangate Socks website and with this link to Ausangate’s blog you can better understand all about the rich history, peaceful tradition, durable fiber and the Alpaca animal themselves.


“Ausangate Socks features ALPACOR® yarn in the manufacturing of our socks. ALPACOR® has taken the softest fiber in the world, the alpaca fiber, to a new level of soft. Alpaca fiber is by nature antimicrobial, hypoallergenic, soft and luxurious. Our socks are naturally hypoallergenic, naturally odor free, stay fresh and dry in the summer, warm and dry in winter and wick away moisture without chemicals.”


A photo and description of each pair we have put through our field-test performance routines will be listed below. Simply click a photo to be taken directly to the Ausangate website for purchasing.


If you have ANY questions leave them in the comments and we will be sure to respond.


Ausangate No-Peek $9.99

You can use the stylish no-peek version for your every day schedule or on those long day hikes. They will consistently stay in place while they keep your feet dry and blister free. I enjoy the no-peek during our hot Arizona summers and still remain surprised how odor-free they truly are.

Quarter Crew- $9.99

The Quarter Crew sock provides an ultimate softness and superb freshness all the time. We had a teenage boy test them for this spotlight and not only did the teen admit to enjoying the softness he admitting to wanting to wear this sock above all others in his possession. And teenage boys rarely change their socks let alone allow their socks to be washed!

 Ausangate Crew  - $12.99

The Ausangate Crew sock is great for your every day active use. They are undeniably soft and keep your feet dry and comfortable through those long days of anything you throw its way. I keep these off the trails because they're white but faithfully use them for my track, treadmill, sidewalk, park and general daily activities. 



Ausangate High Calf Performance- $19.99

This sock is a wintertime favorite for the obvious reason but more so for the non-obvious ones too. These socks will keep you much warmer because of the length and they continue to keep the Ausangate Sock promise of comfort, care and breathability but they go much further by being the perfect boot companion applying the proper amount of compression to your feet for those exhausting and muscle tiring treks you endure as you backpack any region across the globe.

Each and every sock we have tested for Ausangate Socks has surpassed our expectation for;



*Comfortable Compression

*Easy Care Instructions



*Naturally Hypoallergenic




I wear the Large in the Ausangate Women’s socks and consistently wear Women’s 9 in hiking shoes.

Our teen tested the Ausangate Quarter Crew in Men’s Large and consistently wears Men’s 10 in hiking shoes.

Our preteen tested the Ausangate Women’s Medium and consistently wears Women’s size 5/6 in hiking shoes.

How We Care For Our Socks

The Ausangate Socks are very easy to care for and if you wash and dry every single clothing article you can continue to do so with your Ausangate Socks but if you're like me and care for each article as you feel best then you may prefer to just allow your Ausangate Socks to air-dry. It takes very little time while indoor and even less while outdoors. I launder them regularly and hang them to dry.



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