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GoPro Hero3+ Silver Edition Product Review And Overall Use Analysis

Posted on November 20, 2014 at 10:50 PM

GoPro Hero3+ Silver Edition Product Review And Overall Use Analysis

A couple weeks back one of my favorite Twitter chats, #HikerChat made the conversation of the week about the GoPro to users and nonusers. That weekly chat on Friday mornings at 9am(Pacific) is genuinely great conversation and is always filled with priceless and sometimes even useless information. Don’t worry the useless information is always worth the laughs and the priceless always fills the feed faster.


That conversation, lead me to realize it was far past due for me to give a run down on my likes, dislikes and genuine thoughts about my own GoPro Hero3+ Silver.


I have had my GoPro Hero3+ Silver for just about a year and it has tagged along with me non-stop, so I wanted to share my very own experience with you.

One thing I notice to be common throughout with adventurers is that when we visit the vast lands of the regions and participate in exploring the world’s most beautiful places we want it documented, but even more so, we want it documented well.

Many sponsored athletes and extreme adventurers use the GoPro video mode paired with accessories like the chest harness or additional mounts for applying a hands-free digital documenting process and can capture the more extreme activities you probably won’t find me doing, but those videos are so amazing they sure do make you want to log off the computer and start trying.

I, on the other hand can enjoy having a harness and extra mounts for capturing videos while cycling, climbing, kayaking or trekking the trails. Keeping your hands free can be critical for personal safety, but it also helps create a safe and stable environment for the camera.



➢ Burst Rate 10MP photos up to 10 frames per second

➢ Time Lapse Capture

➢ Video 1080p60/960p60 fps

➢ Upside Down View

➢ Lightweight (2.6 ounces)

➢ Accessories and Mounts galore

➢ HERO3+ Silver is compatible with BacPac™ accessories

➢ Silver Edition is water-proof in the airtight housing

➢ Control, share and view right from your smartphone with GoPro built-in Wi-Fi and the GoPro App.


What’s In The Box?

• HERO3+ Silver Camera

• Waterproof Housing 131’

• Rechargeable Battery

• Curved Adhesive Mount

• Flat Adhesive Mount

• 3-Way Pivot Arm (Mounting Hardware)

• USB Cable


Let’s Face It,

I’ll be the first to tell you that I have taken more selfies on the trail with my GoPro Hero3+ Silver than any other digital device, but believe it or not it’s not for the best view of my face. The GoPro wide angle is so accurate that although I seem to be taking a ‘selfie’ I’m merely inserting a speck of myself and/or my group within the enormous bassinet of Mother Nature to which I currently stand and that’s really the face I’m trying to frame for focus.

I like to cover a lot of ground while exploring and snapping a quick selfie lets me waste no time with the Wi-Fi setup {The Wi-Fi tends to drain both the cell phone and the GoPro battery-- Nobody has time for that! ;)} and can quickly continue to move with the current activity and keep up with the group if need be.


Sometimes things happen, but they happen really fast and having several shooting options on a GoPro drastically helps record and capture, those hands-free, action-packed, super-fast motion shots with a trusted sense of ease and safety. GoPro also offers some cool accessories, so what ever your sport, you’ll most likely find an accessory or mount that will work for you.


My GoPro has been dropped it the dirt, kicked in the road, slid down a ton of slick rock, bumped a few walls and smashed into several bags, but this camera is always ready for the fun. When hiking in the rain, cycling through the storms or crossing those creeks it’s meant for every adventure and to showcase your scene.

My camera has been boating, off-roading zip-lining, and horseback riding. I have taken it to almost every summit and every saddle but it also tags along for those youth sport battles. With first-rate capabilities and only 3 push-button controls, it’s easy to learn and simple to use.

Questions From Our Audience

Q1-How can you keep from getting unwanted movement while recording on your GoPro?

A1-We have found that using the included mounts along with the pivot arm to stabilize and safely secure the camera compared to holding it by hand administers higher quality and less motion while you record. Furthermore mounting the camera to a non-moving part on your equipment rather than a moving part has proven further capability of stabilizing your video recordings and displays less motion in replay.

Q2-Have you found anything about the GoPro Hero3+ Silver that you don’t like?

A2- I have. The downfall I have had with this camera, but can’t necessarily be considered a downfall due to the incapability of any other lens I own is, when I shoot towards the sun I have had some completely useless images that come out over exposed and unrecognizable. With that in mind I simply take a couple shots and always get at the very least one captivating capture. Again, I have always come out of an adventure with more images I loved than those that I didn’t, and I can’t take the same shots with my Canon, but if I’m completely honest, this seems to be the most reoccurring disappointment I have found in owning my Silver Edition.

All in all, in my opinion the GoPro is a ton of fun on and off the trails and I have been happy with it from day one, but I’m merely a self-taught photographer and still have admittedly a long way to go before I can say that I know what I’m doing, so my opinion and perspective are equally from that angle.

The cost for the GoPro Hero3+ Silver in my opinion is what sets most apart from owning it. At a price of $299 it’s considered expensive in my book of budget but it makes the top of the avid outdoor adventurer’s gift-giving list every single time and I have no plans to leave mine at home any time soon. Whether it’s the day-to-day activities or your next epic adventure the GoPro Hero3+ Silver is prepared to capture the rapture.

You can now purchase the GoPro Hero4+ Silver Edition for all your favorite outdoor-adventuring family members or close friends with the first ever built-in touch display, Protune™ and a few other brand new key features for a price of $399.

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