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Collapse-A-Cup Travel Mug Product Spotlight

Posted on February 28, 2015 at 10:15 PM

Collapse-A-Cup Travel Mug Product Spotlight


I’m presumably a fan of reusable cups, water bottles, bags, and with the Collapse-A-Cup you can include the luxury of saving a little space, too.

How many times have you finished your food or drink and crumbled the bag, crushed your can, or stuffed the disposable cup as small as you could get it, just to save space? With my Collapse-A-Cup I can save the space, but not accumulate the trash.

I could fill this travel mug with 2 cups of liquid, hot or cold, to just touch the brim, and it provided a few key properties that make it pretty universal for anywhere you may have that convenient cup holder. The removable base allows for size variation as to adjust to different cup holders, but it also allows for a stable foundation on most flat surfaces, to also extend the ability to disassemble the mug, for proper washing.


I enjoy that it has a twist on lid that seals tightly enough to carry from the lid versus grabbing ahold of the actual cup, but the lid also includes a small rubber flip spout that permits the use of a straw and that’s a bonus I find handy. Your lid is a secure fit and will not easily be detached, so there’s no concern for wearing your beverage of choice, but you’re going to need to shake any extra liquid from the cup before sealing that rubber sipping section to receive no leakage.

A drip here or a drip there can add up to a great big mess, so I don’t always carry the cup freely like a great piece of Tupperware, but rather an on-the-go mug for my hot coffee and a side-kick at the office, for more coffee. Two cups of coffee can go a long way for me, but pourin’ up two cups of any favorite concoction -suggestively not one containing any adult beverages-, and having a twist tight lid to use while near your computer or technical gear is a common corporate workplace concern for many. Not anymore.


Plus, you can add a little color to the workplace!

Product Features:

• Bisphenol A, (BPA) free.

• Microwave and dishwasher safe.

• Collapses from nearly 7 inches tall to less than 3 inches.

• Straw friendly sip hole.

• Detachable base for smaller cup holders.

• Disassemble for washing.


With the Collapse-A-Cup you can save some space without accumulating any trash, while on the go or in the office and it’s an easy choice for RV and car camping, too.

They come in several colors, are eco-friendly, made in the U.S., and can be purchased online at Collapse-A-Cup.Com for $19.95

*Thank you Collapse-A-Cup for allowing us to field-test your product and introduce your brand to our audience. We appreciate and value your enthusiasm to spotlight your Travel Mug with an honest and free-spoken review.*

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