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Action Wipes Sponsored Spotlight - Mountain Matron

Posted on November 16, 2015 at 9:15 PM

Action Wipes Sponsored Spotlight – Mountain Matron

Action Wipes, sponsored my solo trip to Idaho this past summer with a team of adventurers from Epic Social Adventures. I had heard of Action Wipes prior but hadn’t had the opportunity to experience them for myself.

Action Wipes are natural body wipes intended to provide all the amenities of a ten-minute shower. You’re provided with the soap, the suds, the refreshing feeling and a wonderfully clean smell, everything that is, minus any use of water. Sounds unreal, right?

Precisely why I was happy to put them to the test.

When you first open your package you are greeted with the cordial smell of eucalyptus, quite the refresher after a hot day of dirt bagging through the rugged Seven Devils Mountain Range. I started using Action Wipes on night number one. It was nice to have the opportunity to remove the eighteen layers of dirt from my feet and legs to keep my sleeping bag smelling fresh and staying clean a little longer.

By day two I was ready to try them on my face. Hesitant, yes, but I did it anyway. I used one wipe to clean my face, neck, arms, legs and feet. That felt so good! These wipes surprised me. I wasn’t sure it could handle the amount of dirt that needed removal, but one large wipe was plenty and it provided an equally appreciated aroma.

Action Wipes sent us a variety pack to try for Hell Hike And Raft 2015 and I for one quickly threw the package of large wipes in my backpack for the trip, not second-guessing the extra 14ounces for a minute. Knowing that they can eliminate the nasty irritation of Poison Oak, Poison Ivy and Sumac, I feel they’re worth the weight in gold, but after a long day of trekking in the hot summer sun I found they double that value. A wipe made naturally, soft enough to clean your face providing a mild, but refreshing aroma, yet effective enough to remove skin irritants makes a great backpacking essential. I know I could get any overnight tent-mate to testify to that.

A full-body shower with no water needed – a real benefit for any backcountry, base-camp, beach bum adventurer in your life.

Action Wipes is a California based business and their wipes are made in the USA. They take water use and conservation serious. Their intention is to be a business that provides a product any naturalist could love. Action Wipes are really about repurposing and intended to be laundered. Action Wipes shares an entire webpage of ideas for your wipes to be reused or better yet, recharged.

Check the Recharge system or repurpose page at Action Wipes.

Retail $24.00 ActionWipes.Com

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