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Saguaro National Park, Arizona USA - Mountain Matron

Posted on November 17, 2015 at 9:15 PM

Saguaro National Park, Arizona USA – Mountain Matron

Venomous lizards, giant cactus living hundreds of years and rock art dating prehistoric times, are a plenty in the Saguaro National Park. This massive area of Arizona, now considered Saguaro National Park inhabited by the natives for generations, dating back to the Hohokam.

The vast land has always been sacred to the natives, in fact Tohono O’odham having resided the Sonoran Desert for thousands of years, the tribe of the area to date, reflect how strongly the native tribes are culturally nourished by the Saguaro and its offerings all year long.

Saguaro National Park was created in 1994 and currently encompasses 91,327 acres in its two districts.

Tucson Mountain District (West) {}

Rincon Mountain District (East) {}


About The Saguaro:

The Saguaro Cactus known as the largest cactus in the nation is also a slow growing cactus. These great symbols of the American West only naturally grown within parts of the Sonoran Desert can’t generally be found higher than 4000’ elevation. These beautiful and majestic plants known by biologist to live up to 200 years and standing at times more than 50 feet tall, won’t produce flowers until 35 years of age. Succulent beauties, tall, thick and fluted store water during the heavy rains saving its use while the desert is dry. When the Saguaro absorbs the water its pleats expand nourishing future fruit and flowers that bloom during the extent of its life span.

Rincon District {east} is known for the 8000’ peaks and more than a hundred miles of trails. Permits are acquired with the above link.

Tucson Mountain District {west} is known for the dense fields of Saguaro, nature paths, shorter trails and Signal Hill Rock Art. We believe this section to be best for those hiking with young children. 


Nearest campground: Gilbert Ray Campground ~

Need more information to plan your visit? ~

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