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HikeGoo by Foot Kinetics - Product Spotlight - Mountain Matron

Posted on January 8, 2016 at 10:25 AM

HikeGoo by Foot Kinetics – Product Spotlight – Mountain Matron

Protective Foot Cream

HikeGoo by Foot Kinetics of California was a sponsored product for my solo summer trip to Idaho in 2015. The entire Hell Hike And Raft 2015 team was provided the opportunity by Epic Social Adventures to test HikeGoo during our backcountry expedition.

I hadn’t utilized the occasion to try HikeGoo prior to, simply because it wasn’t in my routine, admittedly not my best idea.


*Easy To Apply *No residue *No scent


*Application is an additional step *More gear to carry

It may seem unlikely that applying HikeGoo, essentially a protective cream, to your feet would help in any way and because I hadn’t tried it I was a bit skeptical of its priority in my backpack and the extra weight it added.

“ Benefits: All day foot blister protection and callus reduction while wearing boots and stiff footwear in rugged terrain while carrying a pack or equipment. Effective for: hiking, military, hunting, fishing, law enforcement, fire and rescue “ ~ HikeGoo by FootKinetics

In my experience it works and by hour 5 of day one, backpacking Idaho, I was grateful I had it. I starting getting hot spots early during day one and by hour four, I realized I had ignored them a little too long. By the time I went to take care of my feet I had torn skin from my heel. I applied the HikeGoo to the entirety of both feet and although it really is not recommended you apply to torn skin, I was desperate for relief. The HikeGoo immediately cooled the hot spots and didn’t bother the small yet intrusive heel damage that had already formed. My feet felt good and I trekked hard for several more hours. 

During my use of HikeGoo, I smothered my feet entirely, lining the ball of my foot, and wiping each toe bottom to head off hot spots and prevent the forming of calluses. If you’re going to trek some really rugged terrain, travel extended distances by foot or you’re continuously battling calluses and blisters, Foot Kinetics have a few different product sizes available for purchase.


Retail Price $16.99 FootKinetics.Com

Foot Kinetics is doing great things for communities across the Globe. And many on our trekking team were happy to have packed HikeGoo for Idaho.

*Thank you Foot Kinetics for allowing us to field-test your product and introduce your brand to our audience. We appreciate and value your enthusiasm to spotlight HikeGoo with an honest and free-spoken review.

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