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Mountain Matron | CloudLine Merino Wool Sock | Product Spotlight

Posted on August 17, 2016 at 12:30 AM

Mountain Matron | CloudLine Merino Wool Sock | Product Spotlight

Merino Wool Sock | Women’s Hiking Sock | Retail: $14.99- $21.99

CloudLine Apparel partnered with a small group of 6 outdoor lifestyle influencers (we were one of them!) for a 3-day backpacking adventure through the Uintas Wilderness of Utah and asked the influencers to review their first-hand experience with the brand’s merino wool sock. I took The Switchback Hiking Sock in Ultra Light Cushion for this trip and tested it for two of the three days.

CloudLine Apparel offers a fairly extensive series of merino wool socks and caters to several different likes with optional colors and preferred styles. Extending their store with an UltraLight, Light, and Medium Cushion Sock in a No-Show, ¼ cut, and The Switchback (which is a standard crew cut) fit. Their selection is ideal for four seasons and personally preferred lengths. As one who prefers comfortable feet, and seeks truly comfortable socks, I have used a few of the same for the past few years. I also believe socks are a pretty personal choice and have found some don’t care much about their sock quality at all. When pairing socks with a new boot or trail shoe we suggest indulging in the first (the sock) before purchasing the second (the shoe). Bring that pair of socks with you for footwear purchase and find the fastest route to truly comfortable feet on the trail. 

The tester feels a quality pair of socks has to offer a few attributes; premium fabric, a streamlined nearly non-existent toe seam, as well as a compressed heel fit. That being said Mountain Matron will test gear, so you don’t have to. And given the opportunity to try new brands with interest of introducing new products, you can count me in.

The only way to field test a sock is to throw it on, take it off and keep that going for days and days. It’s then, that you can effectively see and feel if you’ve made a good choice in footwear layering. And that’s exactly what we did for two days in Utah this summer.

The Tester is genuinely interested in foot comfort, as well as quality fabrics. While we have just recently been introduced to CloudLine after wearing The Switchback Ultra Light cushion for two straight days, we feel CloudLine offers these essentials. The extensive softness, established comfort, and reliable fit from the CloudLine sock puts this brand and their current line of products right on point with the needs of any hiker, backpacker, runner or athlete. Several cushion options and sock lengths give each adventurer and their perplexed needs the attention you seek in a quality sock.

Made in the USA

Thank you to CloudLine and Missouri Howell for allowing us to take these socks for a tough three-day trek through the Uintas Wilderness of Utah free of charge.

Find the perfect sock for you at

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