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Mountain Matron - Connecting Our Globe One Hand At A Time

Posted on August 25, 2016 at 12:25 AM

Mountain Matron - Connecting Our Globe One Hand At A Time

After walking shoulder-to-shoulder in the isles with the hardworking, inspirational, spirited determination of our industry during the week of Outdoor Retailer in Salt Lake City, Utah this summer 2016, I was illuminated with the need to do more. Do more with our free standing brands, do more with our global network and, do more for our audience. The “Connecting Our Globe One Hand At A Time” series will include a very wide range of information as we gather worldwide knowledge. We are asking you to reach out and unite with us. Allow us to hear about the outdoor brand, company, product, project or movement you find exhilarating in your region and we will feature it for the Mountain Matron community.

The Renewal Workshop – Ending Waste in the Apparel Industry

Taking products with simple defects such as a broken zipper or a small hole, even something as minimal as replacing a missing button, The Renewal Workshop takes that perfectly reusable textile, cleans it to hospital grade, repairs the damage and, extends the lifeline of the fabrics to reverse its linear waste. That is the movement of The Renewal Workshop and that is the movement we plan to support. Did you know, 12 million tons of textiles per year end up in the landfills? That is a real problem, and as a key player in the outdoor industry we all have to do our part. The Renewal Workshop has already taken that understanding to a level of which an everyday person or household brand can turn the not so everyday process of quality standard apparel-renewal into an every day operation. Big brands such a PrAna, ibex, Mountain Khakis, Toad&Co, and Indigenous are the first to partner with The Renewal Workshop as they see real value and long-term advantage with this company. With The Renewal Workshop factory in Cascade Locks, Oregon redefining the apparel industry by transforming discarded slightly damaged, excess and returned apparel into one-of-a-kind, industry grade, renewed, ready-to-use products, we will equate additional jobs, further the American economy and, keep perfectly adorned textiles living longer lives. The Renewal Workshop


Bicycle Inter-Community Art and Salvage, better know as BICAS in Tucson, Arizona to which was recently voted America’s #1 Best Bike Town by Outside Magazine, is officially known as Bootstraps to Share of Tucson and, they’re a bike shop like we have never known. Our first introduction to BICAS happened through the well-written article released in the Summer Issue of Misadventures Magazine. The story shared by the Misadventurer herself, Jessica Malordy, celebrated the availability BICAS gives to everyone interested in the opportunity to participate in a safe and intentionally inviting atmosphere, full of bicycles. In 2014 BICAS salvaged more than 230 bicycles through their Earn-A-Bike Program and of those 230 bicycles that would have been without a doubt tossed in an untimely permanent destruction for the local landfill, each one is back on the road. But it’s not just bicycles BICAS is salvaging. They’re directly improving gender accessibility to traditionally male-dominated activities, not just socially but, across the globe and, industry wide. With astounding stats showing BICAS having more than 6,000 customers serving the community bike shop each year, it’s no wonder BICAS has inspired many other organizations to reach out to them and, learn how they equally can be more accessible and provide inviting environments across the board. Find more information about BICAS and how you can become a community member at BICAS.Org


ETHNO - TEK: Ethnotek is the fusion of two entities: Ethnology and Technology. Celebrating world culture and ancient tradition through building backpacks tailored for the technologic-driven world of today. Ethnotek scours the world for textiles that embody the people of the region and, responsibly sources that creation of infinite beauty and pure tradition. Ethnotek supplies a selection of quality laptop and travel bags in various styles such as Slings, Totes, Messengers and, Backpacks. Each bag customized by offering a unique Thread™, removable handcrafted inter-changeable piece of the globe, just for you. The passion of Ethnotek is to offer each artisan a global marketplace to which would otherwise be unavailable. This beautifully created bond between the brand and the artisans sustains the ancient traditions of each village heartening the bonds of elders and younger generations strengthening the future legacy of each.

Watch this Ethnotek Kickstarter video for an introduction to Ethnotek and, the new PREMJI backpack 

How can you help these organizations?

Buy the products, back the Kickstarters, participate in the Indiegogo projects, share the brand’s information, volunteer your time and, sign-up for their email list. When you find an organization that speaks to you, speak back. Show your loyal support and watch the brands, projects and policies you love grow and develop into brilliant pinnacles of productivity. If you know of an organization or brand doing great things we want to hear about them! Visit our Contact Us page for additional help. 

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