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Enerplex Jumpr Slate 5K-L | Product Spotlight | Mountain Matron

Posted on September 10, 2016 at 1:40 PM

Enerplex® Jumpr Slate 5K-L | Product Spotlight | Mountain Matron

External Portable Power | Portable Battery Pack | Retail: $64.99

The slate gray and bright orange Enerplex® Jumpr Slate 5K-L, an ultra slim portable power bank, part of the Enerplex® Jumpr series designed to easily mobilize your devices while on the move; a valuable commodity while in commute and an especially simple solution for long term travel. This robust portable power bank measures (6.69") x (3.74") x (0.3"), that’s the depth of a number two pencil. The factory-placed holes centered along the vertical margin create a secure fit right inside of a binder or day planner. The tethered Lightning cable keeps your phone close while charging prompting this power bank a highly compatible and proficiently capable energy source for additional devices such as your camera, Tablet or GPS; offering convenience for students, teachers, backpackers, and travelers alike. When asked commuters, trade show representatives, 12hour shift workers, students, and long-term travelers each noted how they could skillfully benefit from the slim, influential design in the Enerplex® Jumpr Slate 5K-L.

Directly out of the box the indicator lights showed it was fully charged. After connecting the Jumpr Slate 5K-L to “top off” the stored power, the device was ready to go in less than 20 minutes. The Enerplex® Jumpr Slate 5K-L will recharge a small device such as a GoPro® or iPhone® with 80% power for near four cycles and can store any unused power for about 30 days. Once you connect your Enerplex® Jumpr Slate 5K-L to your device via the tethered Lightning cable or charging port, press the power button to initiate your charging cycle. The lightest most universal portable power pack for small devices we have yet to test. Partner your Enerplex® Jumpr Slate 5K-L with any Enerplex® Solar Panel for an ultra lightweight option in extended backcountry use.

 The tethered charging port of the Enerplex® Jumpr Slate 5K-L will not connect with your iPhone® while it’s in a protective case. You will need to use your own USB charging cord to connect the Enerplex® Jumpr Slate 5K-L port and your iPhone®. An easy and effective way to eliminate the need to ever, remove your phone case. We rate this external battery pack a powerful, compatible and uniquely capable tool for recharging your devices. Also receiving industry wide award-winning mentions.

We had the opportunity to review Enerplex® back in June, and complimented the uses then, so when Enerplex® joined as partners of the Uintas Hike ’16 summer of 2016 backpacking trip prior to the Outdoor Retailer, sending each member items for field test purposes the crew was intrigued and my team was excited. The Mountain Matron administrative team uses and enjoys the Enerplex® products every week, and truly appreciates Enerplex® allowing us to introduce the Jumpr Slate 5K-L to our audience. Find this and so many more valuable portable power products at GoEnerplex.Com.

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