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Top 4 Reasons to Visit Arizona - None of Which are the Grand Canyon | Explore Arizona | Mountain Matron

Posted on February 16, 2017 at 12:20 AM

Top 4 Reasons to Visit Arizona - None of Which are the Grand Canyon | Explore Arizona | Mountain Matron

Arizona is greatly admired for so many wonderful reasons, the Grand Canyon being top-ranked and without the rattlesnakes and tumbleweed of the Sonoran desert it would be alike to many other states, but the 48th, well, if you ask us is special and we want to make sure you see it to believe it. From the northern pines to our southern roots Arizona offers experiences unlike any other place on the globe.


1. Ski in Southern Arizona - This might be the most shocking of them all, but the southern skyline of Arizona offers snow-packed mountains and high-tech telescopes. Mt. Lemmon extends the most southern slopes of the U.S and simultaneously boasts astronomical views from the Mt. Lemmon SkyCenter. Ski the slopes by day and watch the stars like you’ve never watched them before, by night.



2. Re-Discover Pluto - Precisely perfect views of the sky prompted the positioning of Lowell Observatory in 1894, labeling it to be among the oldest observatories within the U.S., and essentially where Pluto itself, was first discovered. Visit Flagstaff, Arizona and see for yourself where, when, who and how the planet was first recognized, learn about the Observatory’s moon mapping for the Apollo program, while standing directly among the largest contiguous Ponderosa Pine forest in the world.



3. Boat House in Havasu, Lake Havasu City - Kayak below the world-famous London Bridge, have a lakeside lunch or boat house adventure, but make sure when you visit Lake Havasu City you take moment and view it all from one of the trails. Whether you’re there for the water sports, off-road attractions, fast-paced vacation or shopping, dining and relaxation, Lake Havasu City has a little of it all.



4. The Cactus - Not so much a shocker, unless of course you’re not-so-kindly struck by the “jumping” cactus, also known as the Teddy Bear Cholla of Arizona, but it’s the Saguaro that you have to see up close. Staged alongside the Aloe Vera, Prickly Pear, Teddy Bear Cholla, Mesquite, Palo Verde and Desert Ironwood trees you see this towering tree-like cactus, the Saguaro. Not found anywhere else in the world, the notably tall, diversely adaptive cactus is understandably a lawfully protected species of the state, and should be admired as so. Visit the Hieroglyphic Trail for a beautiful introduction to the desert, the Saguaro, and ancient Petroglyphs dating back more than a thousand years.


Mt Lemmon SkyCenter 

Lowell Observatory 

Lake Havasu City 

Hieroglyphic Trail 




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