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Placing A Pin On Your Map And A Destination On Your List That You Hadn't Known To Previously Exist

Posted on April 30, 2014 at 7:45 PM

Placing A Pin On Your Map And A Destination On Your List That You Hadn’t Known To Previously Exist.


Most adventurers would probably say they have some sort of list prepared for the next idea or place they would like to see. Some are just mental lists from places they have heard mentioned in passing and some are the written ones with a handful of researched information sitting on stand-by. Others are simply laundry lists of places you want to see someday and maybe those places are sorted by short term and long term plans. Then, you have the list that doesn’t actually exist until something divine happens and makes it appear. This list only contains the adventures that came to you on some completely random and unplanned action. It could be an unexpected opening for a permit to that location that requires a lottery application. It could be a last minute opening with a group of friends to that spot with a limited number of visitors. Either way this list is the smallest and generally influence the best solo adventures in your life’s existence. I’m incredibly excited and down right enraptured to say I received an invite to one of those list addendums. I had that dynamite moment and received that unexpected invite with the America’s Rafting Company in Idaho and Adam with, Hiking The Trail.

(Photo Courtesy of America's Rafting Company)

I’m now preparing to take on an adventure named Hell Hike And Raft that in my mind never even existed. I’m planning a trip and placing a pin in my map for an adventure I never thought of. In 4 months I will begin my 70mile journey in the depths of Hells Canyon that runs the boundary of the Oregon/Idaho State border. Our team will backpack for 4 days and then raft our way out through the waters of Snake River. Never have I yet considered a trip like this and I haven’t ever completed something so eventful. Not only will I camp lake side, backpack for 3 days, explore unknown mountain ranges, learn native history and enjoy the lowest landmarked point within the deepest gorge of North America I get to do it with 13 other people I intend to call friends. These people have already insured my time to not only a seriously gut-busting trip but it’s a guaranteed life changer. These individuals, just like myself, each have such a sensational urge and commitment to share everything they know and learn with others. Taking the time, making the effort to really make a difference for at the very least, a single individual. I can’t think of anyone I would rather spend my 6 days backpacking in the backcountry with than this astonishing crowd. The ladies of this group are some serious outdoor goddesses and I can’t wait to learn everything they know and the gentlemen of the group are just that, gentlemen, each one having a kind, funny and genuinely awesome attitude.

I have already begun to take the distance of this trek seriously and started making big changes in my recent training schedule. Not only will I increase my hiking miles over the next few months but I will also look to my fitness favorite and true inspiration Danny J, of the Sweaty Betties

I have also incorporated better foods back into my diet to support my training tactics. ENERGYbits have been a long time go-to food for me on and off the trail, so there is no doubt my ENERGYbits intake will be increasing as well. I often post my ENERGYbits meal ideas with photos on Twitter.

 I would be kidding you and myself if I didn’t admit I was a tad bit intimidated by the daunting numbers and stats of this trip, okay, extremely intimidated, but I know that I will come out of this insanely epic journey a better and stronger person while having the time of my life and that my friends, couldn’t make for a better purpose to drive my daily preparations. If you haven’t found the new Hell Hike And Raft page on I hope you will. I have included links for everything Hell Hike And Raft and I hope to make it much easier for you to keep tabs on and see what the crew is most recently up to.

Don’t forget to also take a second and check out the list of sponsors. We have some really great brands assisting us and providing excellent essential gear for this trip. Each brand has an impressive drive to provide quality products with innovative design without missing a beat in customer service. Cairn just recently sent me and the rest of the crew great box of goodies. I can’t wait to receive the items from Geigerrig, Teton Sports, Backcountry Tees and the others, so I can share with you how I use each item on this trip. So, for now, Hell Hike And Raft is a plan in motion and an adventure in the making. I’m placing a pin in my map, a destination on my list and a plan in place to prepare for my exploration of that spot I didn’t know to exist. There is so much more to come with this adventure and I plan to share it all.

Knowledge is useless if not shared and experience shows no growth without the giving to others


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Reply Adam
12:06 AM on May 1, 2014 
What an awesome post. So excited to have you as part of this ever growing and changing adventure.
Reply Rozanne
11:56 AM on May 13, 2014 
Adam says...
What an awesome post. So excited to have you as part of this ever growing and changing adventure.