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Goal Zero® Switch 8 Recharger- Product Spotlight

Posted on May 29, 2014 at 9:15 PM

Goal Zero® Switch 8 Recharger- Product Spotlight

The Goal Zero® Switch 8 Recharger is a 5-inch cylinder that comes with a foldable USB plug for charging at one end and a USB out-port at the other. This placement allows you to charge and recharge the Goal Zero® Switch 8 from any USB port and your Goal Zero® Solar Panel. It’s hard to believe a product that weighs less than a half-pound could command such authority in recharging but the Goal Zero® Switch 8 does just that.

The Goal Zero® Switch 8 gives you some intense options for your power demanding devices. It’s lightweight and slim frame make it the perfect on-the-go recharger for all your USB compatible gear. You can use any USB port to charge your Switch 8 and I use my Goal Zero® Solar Panel to keep my Switch 8 in use while on the road or in the wilderness. I use the Goal Zero® Nomad™ 7 Solar Panel in collaboration with my Switch 8 to power my multiple phones for their camera and occasional GPS functions as much as I use it for my GoPro® mountable camera and downloadable music devices. The Goal Zero® Switch 8 Recharger works for it all. Staying connected and keeping my cell phones charged for emergency purposes is extremely important to me, but, I don’t want to hassle with a ton of equipment nor do I want to be overloaded by heavy products and the Goal Zero® Switch 8 delivers impressively with its ultra-lightweight design and rechargeable power supply complementary to those qualities Goal Zero® keeps things simple and deliveries an elevated performance and broad options with their products. Goal Zero® also continues to keep things uncomplicated. The Switch 8 Recharger is a contributory example of that.


Charge your Goal Zero® Switch 8 Recharger before taking it on the road.


Your Goal Zero® Switch 8 will have a set of indicator lights that allows you to see how much energy is available for use. The indicator lights are one row of four small lights showing you the remaining power in the Switch 8 by lighting up in blue and they keep your energy level displayed in 25% increments with a touch of a button. You can recharge your Goal Zero® Switch 8 from any USB port and I often recharge mine right from my workstation by connecting it to my PC. When my Switch 8 is fully depleted of power I can have it back up and ready for my on-the-go recharging in 3.5 hours. Once fully charged the Goal Zero® Switch 8 will hold the unused power within the cylinder for approximately 14 days or so. You need to keep the Goal Zero® Switch 8 out of the direct sunlight while recharging. The direct sunlight and heat will cause damage to your recharger. Use your Goal Zero® Solar Panel as a shield when positioning for recharge

Goal Zero® Switch 8 Recharger


$39.99 Retail Value


USB Compatible

Solar Rechargable



Goal Zero® is known for its quality solar powered products and the Switch 8 Recharger is another outstanding production of their on-the-go recharging systems made for every outdoor adventurer that desires their USB compatible gear to be powered while exploring the outdoors or just out of reach from the electricity.


Goal Zero®

Q & A


"It takes the same amount of time to charge your device from a Goal Zero® power pack as it does from the wall.”

The Goal Zero® Nomad™ 7 Solar Panel mentioned in this review will recharge your Switch 8 with full sunlight in 4-8 hours. You can find a full review of the Nomad 7™ here.




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