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Mountain Matron's - 2014 - Gift Giving Guide

Posted on December 3, 2014 at 3:55 PM

Mountain Matron's - 2014 - Gift Giving Guide

We have had a fun filled year of 2014 and as we wrap things up we’re reminiscent of the sweet gear, beloved brands and glute kicking companies we’ve had the delight of getting to know over the past many months. In an attempt to get you and those lucky enough to know you some killer Christmas gifts I made a list of the things we would want our family to receive during the holidays -- or really on any day.

~ In the order of purchase price ~

(We have included affiliate links and prior field reviews. We sincerely appreciate your continued trust and support for this website) 


Ausangate Socks $9.99- $24.99 ~

You’ve heard from us before about Ausangate Socks and my family definitely enjoys their comfort all year long ( review ) . They’re perfect for any season, but this holiday season you can easily make them a special order stocking stuffer { AusangateSocks.Com }.


NatureBox Snack Subscription Box $20 ~

We have been a NatureBox snack lover since ‘12 and we haven’t been shy about it, but if you haven’t heard about them just yet. I’ll cheerfully fill you in. NatureBox sends you a monthly assortment of your choice in snacks and these snacks come in many select diet options (Gluten Free, Vegan, etc.). Get yourself or someone you know a subscription this season and you’ll start the new year snacking right. We can also save you $5 on your first order-->{ NatureBox.Com }


Cairn Gear Subscription Box $25 ~

We received our very own Cairn Subscription box ( review )  back in April and since then each piece shipped has made its way to the backpack or tote over the last several months. Cairn isn’t just for trail trekkers or backpackers. You will receive some really fun and pretty practical every day pieces as well as those you’ll excitedly want to wilt in the wilderness. We love that we can offer our audience an exclusive promo code ‘MountainMatron’ when ordering any Cairn Gear Subscription Box { GetCairn.Com }.


Straw Propeller Gourmet Foods $39 ~

We were introduced to Straw Propeller back in September ( review )  and ever since they have left a sweet spot in our belly. The weather is getting cold and these cups of goodness will keep you swarmed with warmth and overloaded oats at home or while in the backcountry { StrawPropellerGourmetFoods.Com }.


Pogo Pass Of Arizona $39.98 (Original Price $99.95) ~

We have used our Pogo Pass for months now ( review  and this thing is slick. We tour the valley’s entertainment all year long for this outstanding one-time price. From bowling to laser tag and then we can take on an Arizona Diamondbacks game some times all in one day. This pass will give your gift recipient an entire 12-months of fun for less than $40. No Kidding! Get a pass for everyone and take the crew out for some Comedy Theatre chuckles or swing over to Skateland for some after school fun. You’ll have endless opportunities at a bottom dollar price. Promo Code- MountainMatron must be used to apply discount  { PogoPass.Com }.


Colorado Aromatics $5.75 -$55.95 ~

After using Colorado Aromatics myself and getting acquainted with Dr. Cindy Jones, her staff, volunteers and farm I quickly became a fan of the entire family ( review ). The farm-to-face or the farm-to-skin movement as Colorado Aromatics calls it, is a concept not only I can completely appreciate but, it’s one that local consumers, activists and nature lovers everywhere can benefit from { ColoradoAromatics.Com }.

# 7

Flow 397 $25.00-$80.00 ~

Flow 397 partnered with the National Park Foundation offers you a perfect way to not only provide a super soft hooded sweatshirt for your sweetie, but you will also be an exemplary participant in keeping our parks funded. Every purchase made through Flow 397 in turn gives $3.97 back to our lands. Your purchase will be sensible yet stupendous in every possible way { Flow397.Com }.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the entire Mountain Matron Nation!! 

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