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Mountain Matron's Welcome to 2015

Posted on December 31, 2014 at 1:20 PM

Mountain Matron's Welcome to 2015

I know for most they really reflect on things they are thankful for right around the month of November and I really enjoy hearing those “30 days Of Thankfulness” posts so many of you do, but for me it’s a little different. Although I’m just like everyone else and I’m thankful in the month of November. I’m more of the type that like to stay present all year and be grateful year ‘round. That being said it’s generally December and January that make me feel the most reminiscent and nostalgic of things past. I flip through photos, I get teary-eyed during the ornament hanging as I touch and see each ornament that has such special meaning (my tree has zero boxed ornaments. Each of our ornaments is handmade by our children or gifted from family for special purpose) and I spend most of my days in December revisiting all the memories of that and previous years past.

I think it’s the black and white fact that the end of the year is coming and we will be forced to start the new one for me that truly makes me reflect on what I have done as a mother, wife, friend and individual for myself, for my family and for others. It really makes me take a mental Rolodex accounts of everything that we’ve had go on in our lives. Each and every year I realize how the year has blessed us all even through trials and tribulations. This year is no different and my reminiscent self has come full circle this past few days.

I’ve come to understand this, just as many years in the past; I have much to work on and many things to improve, I’ve made plenty of mistakes and stumbled my way through, I’ve not past through the year without fault or shame, nor will I pass any undignified blame. With all those things being so very true, I also clearly understand that things can be renewed.


So, for me in this coming year of 2015 I won’t be looking to change things in the New Year’s Eve hue, but rather revitalize myself with others starting in January and all year through

Keeping those closest to me in my upper hand, following my heart even when life starts to show unforgiving demand I will take this year as the best I can and make sure every day I know I do the best that I am.


Do you like to make resolutions for the New Year?

Do you make a list or tend to stick to one or two things?

We each float our own sea and I never expect anyone to sail it like me.

I want to hear your favorite part of the New Year!


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