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Mountain Matron And The League Of Adventurous Women

Posted on June 25, 2015 at 10:15 AM

Mountain Matron And The League Of Adventurous Women

We certainly aren’t shy about naming the Mountain Matron Community “ League of Adventurous Women” and we can carry that name quite proudly around here, but we have to come clean and be completely honest. We’ve self-proclaimed that glorious label, but we truly enjoy accompanying the entire society of which is, proudly, nationwide. If you’re reading this then I dub you a part of the society, too. Chances are if you’re reading this you’re ready for adventure, even if for the very first time and we’re honored to have you!

At Mountain Matron we passionately aspire to get women outdoors into nature trying new and empowering activities that invoke a healthy, active, soulful energy from within one’s self and we’re not doing it alone. We recently announced that Mountain Matron has gone global and we’re reaching beyond borders we could have ever imagined reaching, but this particular piece is a little something closer to home.

Right here in my beloved state of Arizona we’ve been made mention of and are happily sharing a space with the national women’s association titled League of Adventurous Women. As the League of Adventurous Women launch their, Try Something New Challenge, for July they plan to connect women from across the United States with an empowering community right in their own neighborhood.

The Arizona Republic is the largest newspaper in Arizona and one of the largest newspapers in the United States. Here’s what they had to say,

“It might sound a bit like a sequel to "The League of Extraordinary Gentleman," but the League of Adventurous Women is much more interesting than a movie based on comic books. This is a group of women who like to get outside and do something challenging — for real. The league, started by Michaelle Scanlon, a former Girl Scout leader, is a network of adventure groups and active individuals dedicated to expanding their horizons by taking on new challenges and learning new skills. To that end, Scanlon said, the organization is challenging all women to get out of their comfort zone during July and try something — anything — they've never done. "Women don't have to do anything risky," she said. "The important thing is to do something new — to take on a personal challenge. It could be anything from joining a kayaking clinic, an archery class, taking a drumming lesson or pottery class or learning to mountain bike." Scanlon said the group's Try Something New Challenge is the first national event it has promoted. Those who take on the challenge can share photos or videos on the league's Facebook page or use the hashtag #TSNC on Twitter to win a LAW T-shirt.

Nine national organizations are affiliated with the group, including Sisters of Skydiving and the Women's Cycling Association.

State groups also are affiliated, including several in Arizona. Among them:

• Mountain Matron, which promotes backpacking, kayaking, camping and other outdoor recreation for women.

• Becoming an Outdoors Woman, which holds several outings at which women can learn such skills as fishing, hunting and camping.

• Hiker Chicks of Phoenix, who, you know, hike.

• Arizona Women of Adventure, a Show Low group.

• Tucson Tri Girls, a triathlon group for beginners to experts.

• Executive Women's Golf Association, Tucson Chapter, which helps women use golf to network for business. Other groups are welcome to join the network.

"We hope women will visit our website to get ideas and learn about exciting opportunities in their area," Scanlon said. "Most women have no idea how much fun they're missing." “

Pretty powerful, right? I thought so too. Women all across the country are supporting, encouraging and empowering one another to connect with nature, but most importantly, through outdoor adventure, reconnecting with one’s self.

If you’re in Arizona contact us today!

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If you’re anywhere across the United States and want to find a group near you make sure you get over to

Another big thank you goes to Bob Young, and the Arizona Republic for recognizing Mountain Matron as an empowering community for women right here in the great 48th state!

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