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4 FREE Ways To Learn More While You Travel And Explore | Mountain Matron

Posted on May 25, 2016 at 12:15 AM

4 FREE Ways To Learn More While You Travel And Explore | Mountain Matron

#1.  Photography

You don’t need to be a professional photographer to be rewarded by photography. We use photography as a key route to learn about biodiversity as we travel. Snap a shot of that beautiful flower, that awkward abstract or that towering tree, once you’re home and have access to Internet you can search other images to learn about yours. Using keywords of the visual observance held in the photograph. No need to worry about remembering all the fine details of each sign, marker, flower or artifact, simply photograph it for future reference.

#2.  Historical Markers

Traveling the highways is part of the journey and as a family of five I believe it’s always a good idea to find focus on the little things along the way. It keeps us engaged, observant and generally communicative. When we see those brown and white signs leading to a Historical Marker, we take that opportunity to stop, stretch, and take in the sights, all while learning our state’s trials, terrors and triumphs.

#3. Education Centers

While you will learn a ton on your own and can find out much of everything the parks want you to know by acknowledging the signs throughout, we have noticed when you step inside of a building that can keep artifacts, historical replicas, demonstrations and display items intact, you find a plethora of hidden facts. All generally within a 2,000Sq ft., air-conditioned building. (In Arizona, during summer months, this is how we survive and thrive)

#4. Ask the Ranger

Rangers spend days upon days and an unregistered amount of time within the boundaries of their parks and not just during regular business hours. They’re an open book and can let you in on facts, locations and sights you may have otherwise missed entirely. I like to ask about Sunset and Sunrise photo opportunities. (Plus - they will generally know where a family of five can find restrooms ;)

How do you learn more while you travel and explore? We would love to hear how you spend your travels and gain what money can’t buy. Leave us a comment below.


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