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Teton Sports Altos Sleeping Pad | Product Spotlight | Mountain Matron

Posted on April 14, 2018 at 12:40 AM

Teton Sports Altos Sleeping Pad | Product Spotlight | Mountain Matron

Sleeping Pad   Insulated or Non-Insulated   Retail: $80

A sleeping pad is used as a plush layer between you and the definitively hard ground while camping in a tent or added comfort and warmth while hanging in a hammock; contributing an essential component for good sleep on any hard surface. Sleeping pads come in various lengths, weights, and categories, each chosen based on activity, features, and cost.

The Teton Sports Altos Sleeping Pad is a rectangular, inflatable sleep pad offered in an insulated or non-insulated version. Both are 6ft. x 2ft., weighing in at a tad more than a pound. Once inflated the pad lifts approximately 3 inches. The large air chambers at each side eliminate much of the chance of you slipping off the pad throughout the night. Keeping you comfortable, warm, and off the ground; sleeping well, without any added weight or bulk is a big bonus while backpacking. The Teton Sports Altos Sleeping Pad is easy to use, it folds up quickly, and fits right back into the included storage sack every time. Teton Sports also offers pump bags that create a quick and effortless inflation for all Teton Sports inflatable products, those bags double as dry sacks during the day.


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The innovative design of the Altos sleeping pad by Teton Sports works well for all sleep positions, especially those that alternate positions throughout the night. The Altos sleeping pad works well in a hammock or a tent, inflates and deflates easily, packs down to near nothing, and arrives in its own easy to use storage bag. The three inch lift alleviates pressure on the hips and back after a long day on the trail, so you never feel like you’re sleeping on the ground.

Sleep pads are not a one size fits all. Sleep position, weather, activity, and sleeping pad weight and length always play an important part in choosing a pad. Make sure to measure your sleep area before purchasing any pad. The Teton Sports Altos Insulated Sleeping Pad works well while sleeping in a tent or hanging in a hammock. The insulated version is perfect for cold weather, camping or backpacking, and the non-insulated version is best for warmer weather. Each excellent for various sleep positions. You’ll love them because they pack down to fit well in a backpack, weigh near nothing, and provide reliable comfort when you’re far from home.

You can also find the three season Altos Sleep Pad in Aqua Blue on sale with Amazon.

*Thank you Teton Sports, for allowing us to field-test your product free of charge we appreciate and value your enthusiasm to spotlight the Altos Insulated Sleeping Pad with an honest and free-spoken review*

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