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Crystal Rizo - Wife and mother of 2, an avid Arizona hiker and coffee lover shares her passions, challenges, triumphs and journey as a beautiful and strong thyroid cancer survivor traveling the world and spreading awareness as an advocate for the deaf and those touched by cancer.

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Joyce Britton – Excitement for adventure struck her childhood during a visit to the Carlsbad Caverns in NM, and ignited her passion for exploring although she never thought she would seek backpacking or enjoy camping, as an avid California hiker her travels through the wilderness have made her an advocate and leader in both.


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Melissa Gutierrez – Living in Texas most of her life the need for nature and the love for exploring came early for Melissa as her dad shared his desire for the outdoors during her childhood. Later she struggled with health and found diagnosis had provoked a dark depression. Her love for god and her deep-rooted enjoyment for nature helped her find healing for her mind and it continues to help her mend her body.

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Tina Lanciault – A wife, mother, grandma, and nurse of Delaware spreading her love of life, health and the outdoors by sharing her experiences of camping, backpacking, hiking and travel. At near 60 years young side by side her two huskies she blogs her healthy recipes, share her photos and encourages others to stay active, eager and adventuring outdoors.

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Rene’ Savage – With her trusted hiking partner Hendrix (the dog) this mother, wife, grandmother currently explores her new home of Oklahoma sharing her journey, inspiring others, sharpening her senses and finding interpretation to the curves and curbs of life’s adventures.  At 50+ years young she says the challenge of a climb, the breeze at the summit and the air of the outdoors clear her mind, build her spirit and feed her soul.


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