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Teton Sports Altos Sleeping Pad | Product Spotlight

The Teton Sports Altos Sleeping Pad is a rectangular, inflatable sleep pad offered in an insulated or non-insulated version. Both are 6ft. x 2ft., weighing in at a tad more than a pound. Once inflated the pad lifts approximately 3 inches. The large air chambers at each side eliminate much of the chance of you slipping off the pad throughout the night. Keeping you comfortable, warm, and off the ground; sleeping well, without any added weight or bulk is a big bonus while backpacking.

Icebreaker Merino Long Sleeve Half Zip is soft, naturally odor-resistant, and engineered for movement. The snug fit sits close to the skin, not too compressed, but comfortable. Adding zero bulk to your layering system this top is long enough to cover your hips, it’s styled for movement, and naturally protects against the sun . Icebreaker BodyfitZONE™, is a body mapping technology; a high tech solution for body heat management. The zip collar offers temperature control for extended day wear and drastic temperature changes.
While carrying your glow in the dark Stargazer Bandana you’ll see the summer night sky in North America with an entirely new view. The 100% cotton bandana has endless uses on and off the trail just as any other bandana would, but the Stargazer series by Colter Co. carries a fun and creative design while continue the joy of using glow in the dark.

The first thing I noticed with the Women’s Sierra Ridge Stripe Pullover was how soft the shirt was. The moment you put it on you feel cozy. It lies perfectly against your upper body and immediately extends comfort. The oversized turtleneck offers warmth on cold days and color to your layered wardrobe. The high neck is not a traditional throat squeezing mold of a turtleneck this oversized neckline offers a cute look, and a warm neck without feeling suffocated.

Ahnu®, takes the thrill of trails over treadmills, amplifying multitasking performance footwear for our fast-paced lives. Ahnu® seamlessly strengthens the expectation of first-class fashion and fast-paced function in your footwear. The Ahnu® Women’s Montara mid-cut boot was tested for months. They were laced-up to trek across the volcanic cliffs of Arizona for near a hundred miles previous to this review.  

Therm-a-Rest® introduced comfort over 40 years ago and carry more than two-dozen various sleeping pads with optional design features, in addition to sleeping pads Therm-a-Rest® also carries products such as sleeping bags, quilts and cots. Each sleeping pad is categorized by purpose. Fast & Light®, highlight the most compact sleeping pads. Trek & Travel™ are the most versatile sleeping pads, and the Camp & Comfort™ are slightly heavier with comfort as top design priority. The Therm-a-Rest® Z Lite Sol™, is a durable lightweight accordion-style sleeping pad, part of the Fast & Light® design series and one of the lightest sleeping pads we’ve ever tested.

Wenzel of Boulder, Colorado, is celebrating 120 years of bringing families together in the outdoors. They pride their products on your memories. The 1887 brand was built so you could explore, and they honor our wallet with affordable prices. Wenzel offers tents, sleeping bags, camp furniture and several other outdoor accessories. Wenzel truly wants to make sure enjoying the outdoors comes easy for your family.

We were sent the Wenzel Portico 8 Person Tent for field test purposes. The tent has traveled through the tough terrain of Arizona and elevated our camping experience ever since. 

The Lone Peak 3.0 NeoShell Mid is an inaugural midcut for Altra but the support, design and in-depth features like the Gator Trap, represent Altra’s assertive attention to industry detail. We rate the Altra Women’s Lone Peak 3.0 NeoShell Mid top-choice of 2016 for ultra hikers, long distance backpackers or those that struggle with toe box discomfort. These boots are ready for you to put in some serious miles and they’re inconceivably lightweight. Rain, grit, steep climbs and tough descents are no match for these boots. Long trails and rugged terrain with heavy packs are exactly what they're built for.

I met Ethnotek in Utah this summer and there's something about Ethnotek that really spoke aloud. Ethnotek bags as a brand have an excellent variety of backpacks, slings, messenger bags and totes. They've taken a balanced blend for commuters, students and travelers and combined the needs of each into one bag, several times over. The Raja 46L Pack is built bold with 840-denier water resistant ballistic nylon, two side pockets, one lined with hand woven fabric for electronics, and the other a stretch-mesh water bottle pocket zippered for access to the large compartment. The Raja Pack has laptop compartment compatible to fit the 15” + 17” MacBook Pro and, most 15” PC Laptops.
The Teton Sports Altos Ultralight Down Mummy sleeping bag with +20°F temperature rating offers the innovative hydrophobic MTN-DRY down, promising warmth in wet conditions. The supreme softness of the 20D nylon liner keeps you comfortable all night long. The mummy hood keeps you insulated. The Teton Sports Altos +20°F UL down sleeping bag fits well in the included compression sack and is easy to repack after each and every use. The compact, incredibly lightweight, roomy and versatile Altos +20°F is rated best of 2016 for backpacking and lightweight camping.
Travel Chair® of Gig Harbor, Washington has designed portable chairs since 1984. The Joey, a new Travel Chair® edition was sent for field-test purposes to each team member of the Uintas Hike ’16 this summer and we’ve put it through the paces for months. The Joey is a largely compact, lightweight, easy to assemble seating option produced with a shock cord pole system keeping all parts bound together by a durable aluminum frame. It sets up incredibly easy, and additionally comes with it’s own carrying case.
Wenzel® has celebrated bringing people together in the outdoors for more than 100 years. Wenzel’s mission is to provide quality gear at an affordable price. They offer an extensive line of products to facilitate safe and unforgettable experiences for families everywhere. The top-loading lightweight Wenzel® Flux 50L backpack has a solid design with plenty of convenient features.

Kate’s Real Food of Wyoming, now offer five flavors of small batch organic food bars. Each bar packed with real food contributing to a balanced perfection of chewy, chocolaty, crunchy, sweet and salty on-the-go energy source. Kate’s has found a way to pack 300 calories of sustaining, organic ingredients serving as a wholesome energy into, a 3 oz. bar. We find this of real importance while active in the outdoors, but just as important, they’re absolutely delicious. This small, easy to carry meal bar packs a valuable and nutritious punch for, athletes, travelers, backpackers, and long-shift workers. Keeping top-notch nutrition within hands reach.

The Opinel No. 8 folding knife with carved Beech wood handle and 3.5” Carbon blade is one of a vast line of folding knives and kitchen tools manufactured by Opinel of France. Opinel, a family workshop established in 1890 tackled large quantity commercial success by 1901. Opinel was a partnered brand for the Uintas Hike ’16 and kindly sent Opinel folding knives for field-test purposes. The 1.3oz., No. 8 folding knife fits perfectly in the palm of the Tester’s moderately small hand. The concealed weight, incredibly sharp blade and unique sizing options subject this distinctly crafted folding knife as a highly useful backpacking essential.

The slate gray and bright orange Enerplex® Jumpr Slate 5K-L, an ultra slim portable power bank, part of the Enerplex® Jumpr series designed to easily mobilize your devices while on the move; a valuable commodity while in commute and an especially simple solution for long term travel. This robust portable power bank measures (6.69") x (3.74") x (0.3"), that’s the depth of a number two pencil. The factory-placed holes centered along the vertical margin create a secure fit right inside of a binder or day planner.

The Power Practical® PowerPot™ 5 is innovative, multi-operational and for most, mind-blowing. The PowerPot™ 5; converts heat into power, a thermoelectric generator. At night or during a rainstorm, the PowerPot™ 5 provides power when you need it most; options otherwise unavailable with so many portable cookware components.

The 1.2L cooking pot offers real-time portable power, turning your meal into usable energy for any USB device .

The PowerPot™ 5 is designed to operate over any heat source including an open flame; shifting a household electrical power outage, into a reason for food over a campfire. Never use the PowerPot™ 5 dry.

The Merrell Capra Bolt Mid Waterproof hiking boot offers a lightweight boot with heavy-duty support. The lugs measure at 4mm and offer great grip in rock-filled terrain while protecting your foot-bed from direct impact. The bellowed tongue prevents dirt, water, and debris entering at every single encounter. The Tester experienced a comfortable fit along with predictable support and appreciated reliability. Capra Bold Mid offers a sporty design built for rugged performance. They can carry you from the summit to the city. Optimal lace length, fashion forward color schemes in both men and women’s as well as brand dependability. Tired of the same old brown hiking boot? Try these.

Each Oxygen Plus canister contains 95% enriched oxygen promoting the ability to sustain energy, decrease stress, and improve mental clarity with a highly convenient, portable delivery. Oxygen Plus offered 6 outdoor lifestyle influencers the opportunity to field-test the O+ Skinni. The field test arena would take place in the High Uintas Wilderness of Utah, which sits above 9,000ft elevation. Most of the group joining the journey into Utah, were flatlanders, and having had a handful of opportunities to try pure oxygen, I was genuinely interested in taking it along.

The soulful handmade body care remedy brand, SoulCare by CCC, founded and operated by Jessica Z., of Arizona as an organically and responsibly sourced, additionally beautifully packaged botanical body care company offered 6 outdoor lifestyle Influencers ( We were one of them!) the opportunity to take 2 body care products for full-force outdoor field testing. Jessica is a self-proclaimed mountain junkie herself and takes immense pride in the brand, the products, and the intentionally local sourced ingredients. Finding deep joy bringing her handcrafted, body remedies perfect for indoors while meaningfully useful in the outdoors to the industry and consumer market that touches her soul the most, those of the wandering nature.

CloudLine Apparel partnered with a small group of 6 outdoor lifestyle influencers (we were one of them!) for a 3-day backpacking adventure through the Uintas Wilderness of Utah and asked the influencers to review their first-hand experience with the brand’s merino wool sock. I took The Switchback Hiking Sock in Ultra Light Cushion for this trip and tested it for two of the three days.

CloudLine Apparel offers a fairly extensive series of merino wool socks and caters to several different likes with optional colors and preferred styles. Extending their store with an UltraLight, Light, and Medium Cushion Sock in a No-Show, ¼ cut, and The Switchback (which is a standard crew cut) fit.

CASIO brand has really put focus on catering to the outdoor enthusiast by creating a timepiece advancing the ability to keep ever-changing circumstances easy to acquire and with the touch of a button.

In honor of Great Outdoors month and the Centennial of our National Parks in 2016, PRO TREK launched two new color variations with the PRG300, Triple Sensor solar powered timepiece series. The Casio PRO TREK PRG300 while built durable, with a high performance function created with the rugged outdoors in mind it is still very lightweight and hardly noticed while on your wrist. The Version 3 Triple Sensor incorporated in the Casio PRO TREK PRG300, provides powerful weather and directional information right at your fingertips.

White Sierra® a 35-year-old family-owned company calling The Golden State home, is forging everyday outdoor clothing with creative style for everyday people. The White Sierra® Tangier Mosaic Dress is a brilliant example of the brand’s exceptional attention to detail offering remarkable style, essential energy, and celebrated vigor to your everyday activities. From the trails to your tent, an outdoor festival, concert or meet-up event, this dress is well crafted, transversely conventional, and extraordinarily proficient.

LifeStraw® was generous enough to send the #UintasHike16 crew each a 2-stage filtration LifeStraw® Go for field test purposes. I  already carry the LifeStraw® Personal Water Filter (looks like a large plastic straw) in my backpack for emergency purposes, but have yet to use it. I have the LifeStraw® Go, in purple while LifeStraw® offers 4 additional color options with this series. The LifeStraw® Go made of a hard, durable BPA-Free plastic holds 650ml of water and according to the brand’s website, filters more than 1,000 liters of water to remove waterborne bacteria and protozoa using no iodine or iodinized resin.

Mountain House® kindly sent several pouch options for the #UintasHike16 crew to taste test during our summer nights on the trails of Utah. I packed the freeze dried Granola with Milk and Blueberries, New York style Cheesecake Bites, Chicken Breast and Mashed Potatoes, and a Beef Stroganoff with Noodles. Mountain House® has several other serving size options if the pouch sizes aren’t quite right for your needs.

Luci® Outdoor by MPOWERD is a floating lantern that packs some real power hosting 10 ultra bright LEDs, three lighting modes, a charge indicator and weighing in at a concealed 4.4ozs(125 g). This waterproof, solar powered lantern is an excellent light source for any outdoor enthusiast. Right out of the box your Luci® lantern takes 7 hours to fully charge.

The EnerPlex™ Jumpr Stack 3 is a handheld portable external battery pack great for on-the-go adventurers. The device is small, easy to use, and allows multiple charges for small devices. The EnerPlex™ Jumpr Stack 3 indicator lights allow you to know the precise power available and stacking your EnerPlex™ Jumpr Stack 3 permits a tethering charge. Each magnetically connecting to the other by placing one over another. This allows multiple Stacks to be charged with one power source.

The award-winning solar technology included in the Enerplex™ Kickr IV allows portable power for your USB-enabled devices such as your GoPro®, smartphone or GPS without adding any bulk to your backpack. The Enerplex™ Kickr IV foldable solar panel applies a powerful 6Watt output, and charges just as quickly as any wall outlet. You’re immediately amazed that your Enerplex™ Kickr IV makes the perfect backpacking companion, hanging in at an astonishing .6lbs it is far lighter than many leading competitors, keeping your devices powered while on the road, ridgeline, or summit.

Bounce® Natural Energy Food Balls – a 2004, family-founded company offering nutritional-based, food balls. With a love for life and fitness, energized by a feel-good lifestyle of healthy and nutritional habits, Bounce® Energy Balls were born. These flavor-filled food balls are a highly efficient backpacking food, day hiking snack, and lightweight meal for day-to-day travel. A perfect daily grab-n-go food, that keeps up with your already adventurous lifestyle. The family, and founders of Bounce® Energy Balls are invested in bringing impactful nutrition to your already amazing routine.

Catalyst® Case for iPhone 6 Plus - Full-screen crystal clear housing, your high-powered phone stays fully visible; make, model, and color, it’s all there. The Rescue Ranger offers a smooth, slim and sleek design, great for daily use. While its built solid, it’s also comfortable to the touch. The slip-resistance grip, rounded corners, and waterproof silicone seals are assurance your phone is ready for everyday adventures, or a rugged outdoor performance.

This Minus 33® women’s tagless heavyweight 100% Merino wool Expedition Crew is cut nicely and with the flat locks seams it fits beautifully. Our female tester of 5’ 8” noted the body length to be much longer than expected and the sleeve length the same. The Minus 33® Expedition Crew sits close to the body and doesn’t add bulk, while performing with ease and non-constrictive movement.

PROBAR®, a Utah based company, culinating plant-based food bars for your on-the-go lifestyle. PROBAR® sent each member of my 2015 Hell Hike And Raft team an assortment of products to test during our 5-day backcountry travels through Idaho. I hadn’t tried the PROBAR® brand before the trip and was genuinely hesitant to incorporate something new while in the backcountry, but I trusted PROBAR® on the fly, and packed up several of the, PROBAR® product options sent. The PROBAR® BOLT Energy Chews, kept my energy level surprisingly high and I, my feet moving during some really tough terrain in the Seven Devils Mountain Range.

OOFOS "feel the OO," is a real thing. I was one to misjudge what the rave was really about. Then I tried them on. Aesthetically speaking, the framework of the sandal wouldn’t draw me in at first glance, but the abundance of OOfoam placed under your foot, feeling as it’s cradled in a cloud makes you quickly forget you have them on. And that is a true quality of a ladies’ flip-flop. The color was just as described, the fit was exactly as promised and that “OO” and AH moment, is real.

VIM & VIGR Compression Legwear, specifically crafted to offer superior muscle support using therapeutic pressure. Here to offer an entirely new take on everyday socks. These socks are fun, functional and full of style. Wear them on your next ultra run or maybe, just to run errands, either, and you’ll notice the immediate beneficial aid in muscle therapy these socks will bring, while blissfully adding style to every step.

VIM & VIGR Compression Legwear, specifically crafted to offer superior muscle support using therapeutic pressure. Here to offer an entirely new take on everyday socks. These socks are fun, functional and full of style. Wear them on your next ultra run or maybe, just to run errands, either, and you’ll notice the immediate beneficial aid in muscle therapy these socks will bring, while blissfully adding style to every step

Teton Sports LEEF +20F | Sleeping Bag | Product Spotlight

Upon the first field-review experience with the Teton Sports LEEF +20°F  UltraLight Sleeping Bag with Body Mapping it was tested as an only layer of exterior sleep system warmth while tent camping during a 5-day trip through the backcountry of Idaho.   The LEEF +20°F, carried within its own compression stuff sack, stayed secure in the interior bottom of the Teton Sports Escape4300 for 5-days as I traveled through Idaho and unpacked each evening. During the duration of testing, the mountain weather was much different than that of the Idaho banks of Snake River, and the Teton Sports LEEF +20°F sleeping bag formally tested near alpine waters was again tested just above sea level. Through varied evening weather ranging from low 40s to high 80s during multiple days of backcountry traveling.    

Sturdy Girl Sports 

Las Vegas Bra carefully designed for women participating in high impact sports keeping comfort, function and coverage as top priority. Equally expending style with various color options. 

Sturdy Girl Sports founded in 2012, by mastermind, Hilary. Hilary partnered with Leanne in 2013. Together, these two ladies are keeping active women everywhere confidently covered, secure with comfort, stacked with style and support all ‘ladies’ deserve. 

Sturdy Girl Sports 

Las Vegas Tank Bra with a slight V-neck and racerback design was rigorously tested for several months challenging its function, fit, comfort and durability.

Sturdy Girl Sports designed for women, by a woman, and their customer service truly puts you first. Sizing may be difficult upon first fitting due to the unique design and fit of Sturdy Girl Sports bras. Whether organic or enhanced, boobs are complicated and I believe the women behind the brand can truly relate.

These ladies won’t be happy until you’re happy.

Thorlo TRHXW Trail Hiking Sock

Thorlo, an American business with its stomping grounds in North Carolina, develop and distribute all their products directly from their location in Statesville. Thorlo takes deep pride in the products they sell and each item is thoroughly inspected before it’s delivered.

Thorlo TRMX Trail Running Sock

Thorlo, an American business with its stomping grounds in North Carolina, develop and distribute all their products directly from their location in Statesville. Thorlo takes deep pride in the products they sell and each item is thoroughly inspected before it’s delivered.

HikeGoo by Foot Kinetics 

of California was a sponsored product for my solo summer trip to Idaho in 2015. The entire Hell Hike And Raft 2015 team was provided the opportunity by Epic Social Adventures to test HikeGoo during our backcountry expedition.

I hadn’t utilized the occasion to try HikeGoo prior to, simply because it wasn’t in my routine, admittedly not my best idea.

PrAna Women’s Monarch Convertible Pant Product Spotlight

They are the first hiking pant to fit and feel like actual pants. The Zion Stretch fabric feels soft against your skin while containing water repellent properties. The waistline sits comfortably at a midrise with belt loops and a relaxed fit through the hips. They have a snap, zipper and drawstring closure. The convertible legs unzip for complete removal to assure comfort in high temps or rising waters.

Action Wipes  Sponsored Spotlight – Mountain Matron

Action Wipes, sponsored my solo trip to Idaho this past summer with a team of adventurers from Epic Social Adventures. I had heard of Action Wipes prior but hadn’t had the opportunity to experience them for myself.

WoolX Women's Midweight ¼ Zip Product Spotlight
WoolX a company based in the state of New York, taking leaps and bounds in creating the ultimate in wool baselayer apparel for both men and women. What impressed me first about WoolX is the immediate stance they take in their products, by offering customers a 30-day 100% No-Itch Guarantee. I generally don’t have skin sensitivities, but for someone that might that’s a great opportunity to give chance.

WoolX Women’s Merino Wool Full-Length Midweight Thermals Product Spotlight
I received the WoolX Full-Length Midweight Leggings in the midst of a triple digit summer and hadn’t been able to fully test them for a few months. While I immediately found the women’s cut to fit comfortably and the softness level quite cozy I really hadn’t formed a full understanding for these leggings until in the backcountry. Mountainous weather can be unpredictable and weather changes can make for some uncomfortable times in and out of your tent, so I knew taking these backpacking would be the best test arena for total product analysis.

Granite Gear 36” Packable Wheeled Duffel  Product Spotlight

Granite Gear, a Minnesota based company, I have noticed used by many outdoor adventurers – I won’t name drop – and word of mouth is a good start, but I hadn’t used anything from Granite Gear for myself just yet. In preparation for the Hell Hike And Raft 2015 trip to Idaho I took in August ’15, I searched and found a forest full of travel bags and had a lot of time spent researching gear.

Oboz Bridger Mid BDry Women’s Hiking Boot Product Spotlight

Oboz Bridger Mid developed in Montana took to the Arizona trails in the summer of 2015. I wanted to get my Oboz on the trail of as soon as they came to boast the stylish look of the Rio Red, but I had much higher concern as I was not accustom to wearing a hiking boot before trying the Bridger Mid and didn’t want any obvious discomfort while backpacking. I understood it was best to slowly break-in hiking boots before chasing any multi-day activity. 

CAIRN is an online subscription box delivered directly to your doorstep for those that enjoy outdoor recreation.

I’ve been sent a box as a part of the Hell Hike And Raft 2015 crew chosen by Epic Social Adventures.

Here’s how it all works…

The Teton Sports Escape 4300 is a large backpack of aluminum frame designed for several days of travel. When I started to adjust each individual strap starting with the dual adjustments on the upper portion of the padded shoulder straps, the shock absorbing height adjustable chest strap {with safety whistle!}, to the dual adjustment straps on the waist belt it starts to feel as though it had been made just for me. The foam within the back padding of the backpack is clearly constructed for comfort and patterned for excellent airflow.

What is Jerky Snob? 

 We understand it may not be for everyone, but for us when you put the words small-batch, jerky and club all in the same sentence, it’s enticing!

Jerky Snob is a subscription-based service that delivers jerky, labored by small-batch companies. You will have a few different delivery options and can order the box or package size that suits you best. 

Cascade Mountain Tech, a company out of Washington State, sent each member of Hell Hike And Raft 2015, a set of Quick Lock Carbon Fiber Cork Grip Trekking Poles, and if we were handing out Hell Hike And Raft 2015 tattoos (Which we are not. Those were temporary and a one-time thing!), attributing awesome products, the Cascade Mountain Tech Trekking Poles would have to be it for me.

I’m presumably a fan of reusable cups, water bottles, bags, and with the Collapse-A-Cup you can include the luxury of saving a little space, too.

How many times have you finished your food or drink and crumbled the bag, crushed your can, or stuffed the disposable cup as small as you could get it, just to save space? With my Collapse-A-Cup I can save the space, but not accumulate the trash.

We’ve talked before about how important it is to have basic knowledge of the car you take to the trails in our Know Before You Go article and this article is going to give you the run down on a reliable product that will not only give you great peace of mind it’s also going to provide you genuine performance when you’re the most vulnerable.

A dark deserted desert road and a dead battery aren’t completely unavoidable but with the NOCO GB30 that scenerio isn’t a complete disaster either.

I knew ROXY brand for their surf/beach wear, but hadn’t realized they made cold weather gear too. I initially purchased the ROXY Infinity Mock Neck Fleece Top, in July 2014 on clearance with Backcountry.Com (*for which I am an affiliate) because it was fleece and I needed a warm base layer, but I also wanted something lightweight and not too constricting. The price was marked just right and I thought it to be a bargain purchase.

It’s Knot a secret {see what I did there?} how important knowing your knots can be, especially in an emergency situation and Colter Co. USA seems to get it. Unfortunately for us both, common knowledge will not establish skill and that you’ll have to earn. Don't worry, Colter Co. have got you covered. Literally.

Straw Propeller Gourmet Foods, of Bend, Oregon a family company and the curators of some surprisingly simple ideas and ideals, developing a delightful and robust oatmeal and muesli product line. The simplicity is in their ingredients and the ease you'll have pronouncing them but the gourmet is in their flavor. See below, how Straw Propeller and these cups of oats stacked up.

GoPro Hero3+ Silver Edition Product Review, Many sponsored athletes and extreme adventurers use the GoPro video mode paired with accessories like the chest harness or additional mounts for applying a hands-free digital documenting process and can capture the more extreme activities you probably won’t find me doing, but those videos are so amazing they sure do make you want to log off the computer and start trying.

I needed the TETON Sports Canyon2100 backpack based on the capacity but chose it because of the inclusive amenities and most of all, the price. This pack is generally on sale for less than $100 through Amazon.Com and will include options the leading brands with the same capacity will not offer. If they do, it will be with a shameless price increase.

If you’re still solely using cotton blend socks chances are your feet are genuinely unhappy and you’re probably completely unaware of it. I’ve been a wanna-be athlete my entire life- played sports as a kid, had some fun with organized events as an adult and enjoy taking on the trails any day of the week but never had I realized that the socks on my feet would make such an influential difference. Until two summers ago I found myself on the trails tackling several miles with soaking-wet, blistered and primarily uncomfortable feet. Every veteran hiker can probably relate unless they were inherently lucky enough to find good socks before the blisters protruded. I sadly had not.

The Goal Zero® Nomad™ 7 Solar Panel was my first choice in solar power because of the lightweight design and pricing. The Goal Zero® Nomad™ 7 Solar Panel is the smallest solar panel Goal Zero® offers and for me the lightweight design was important. Weighing less than a pound the Goal Zero® Nomad™ 7 Solar Panel will recharge your handheld USB/12V devices directly from the sun. With the multiple charging ports you can coordinate and connect different devices with a singular solar panel. Goal Zero® includes an additional connector cord and will quickly turn your solar panel in to a power source like your car charger. From the tri-fold panels to the power junction box with connecting ports Goal Zero®really thought of everything yet kept it incredibly simple.

The Goal Zero® Switch 8 Recharger is a 5-inch cylinder that comes with a foldable USB plug for charging at one end and a USB out-port at the other. This placement allows you to charge and recharge the Switch 8 from any USB port and your Goal Zero® Solar Panel. It’s hard to believe a product that weighs less than a half-pound could command such authority in recharging but the Switch 8 does just that.

Colorado Aromatics, A Colorado based company providing essential skin and body care products. Colorado Aromatics grow and cultivate their own plant-based ingredients and have recently become Certified Naturally Grown. Colorado Aromatics grow a large variety of herbs and vegetables including lavender, mint, cucumber, lemon balm, rose, raspberry leaf, and comfrey to distill for aromatic waters and to make various extracts that they then use in their own Colorado Aromatics Skin Care products.

Pogo Pass is a local merchant of Arizona providing an incredible 12-month membership pass purchased online for $99.95. Use MOUNTAINMATRON promo code and get it for $39.98! 

Your Pogo Pass is used to gain individual entrance to many of the best entertainment and family venues in the valley including the Arizona Diamondbacks and ASU Athletics. Once your Pogo Pass is purchased you have instant access to every venue available and can start using your pass that day.

The Pillow Plus, a Missouri Company producing and retailing a pillow created for busy and on–the-go lifestyles, I have the “Indoor Comfort” pillow and this pillow is most certainly a compact, versatile, soft and easy to use pillow. The Pillow Plus has two layers to it. One is an inflatable inner layer that produces the support you require for the activity you require it for all simply based on the volume of air you give with the inflation valve. The next layer is the external layer made of fabric covering the inflatable plastic and is purposed for lightweight, soft and washable material. 

CAIRN is a monthly delivery you can subscribe to or have sent as a gift. Each delivery is a box full of surprise products for their customers and each box will cost $25 with shipping included. You won’t know what is coming ahead of time, but what you do know is CAIRN only chooses quality products from leading brands in the outdoor and recreational industries. Using 4 main categories when choosing your boxed contents.

I was asked to wander with the Yonder App. and here's the scoop. 

What is ‘Yonder’ you ask? Yonder is an impressive FREE iPhone application available that seems to be sweeping social media enthusiasts everywhere. This application allows addicted outdoor adventurers to share and display their most recent sensational jaw-dropping and action-packed photos from their adventures with other adventurers across the globe.

Guerrilla Tags are all about creating fashionable ID systems that can help Medical Personnel identify you and your medical needs even when you’re unable to speak on your own. These wearable ID systems are the specialty for G-Tags as they produce, promise and promote that each handcrafted ID system is done so with only natural products that they take pride in sourcing locally.

Great Outdoors Food[dot]Com

has a unique online meal-building tool that provides an option to custom build your own meals and have them labeled, packaged and shipped to your doorstep. They also provide an online food store with all the outdoor-food favorites at your fingertips. The first thing I immediately noticed is the variety in food options and that their selection included vegetarian options as well.

This ibex tee

is constructed of Merino Wool and included a flattering cut for the ladies, a light v-neck tendering a comfortable neckline while keeping a lady conservative and a stylish stencil design across the incredibly soft merino wool. The design, construction and fabric are kept simple and casual yet, give you a stylish look and a barely there feeling once on.

RIBZ contacted me

on Twitter and asked if I would be at all interested in giving their Front Pack a try and publish a review. I readily agreed. Prior to that I hadn’t heard of the RIBZ Front Pack and didn’t know anything about RIBZwear.

When my RIBZ Front Pack was delivered

I was pleasantly surprised it had its own stuff sack. It’s nice to keep your gear organized when it’s not in use. The RIBZwear company sent me an Alpine Green size Regular Front Pack. I took a quick minute to glance at the packaging and looked for any information regarding the build, make and durability of the RIBZ Front Pack and then the easy to read instruction manual.

Upon first arriving to my door my first impression of the socks was that of a sensory one. It was all about how soft to the touch they were right from the packaging. I also preferred the grey coloring versus the color options available with my wool counterpart.

The Ausangate socks are made with a unique blend of Alpacor® yarn. The Alpacor® yarn allows them to provide an incomparable breathability and wicking performance as to keep your feet dry and blister free. I chose the Ausangate No-Peek style by intent. It was summer and I knew I would be wearing shorts all season. The No-Peek style socks chosen were going to provide me with the fashion choice of keeping my sock hidden. That happens to be a big preference for me and wasn't available in any wool options I have found. After receiving the No-Peek socks and getting them paired with my Salomon SpeedCross 3 sneakers I was seriously concerned the backing of my shoes were a bit too high and would cause the socks to slip, rub or shift while in use and create friction.